Do you wish to learn Japanese from the comfort of your home at flexible hours? I offer customised lessons based on your needs

  • Intensive lessons for those wishing to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT).
  • Spoken Japanese lessons for those expecting to travel to Japan on business or leisure or those expecting to interact with Japanese colleagues and clients.
  • Light and fun lessons for those who just wish to pick up a few Japanese words and phrases to enjoy their favorite anime more!!

Japanese is as easy or as difficult as any other language. Japanese grammar has neat rules without too many exceptions and works similar to Indian languages! Having lived in Tokyo for over 8 years, I have experience working in a typical Japanese corporate set up. I have many years of translating, teaching/training experience. Click on the “Blog” tab and select the category “Videos-Japanese lessons” for sample lessons. Whatever be your query I am just a mail away…


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