Japanese thoughts

Here’s the book I chose for “book lover’s day”

聖女の救済(せいじょのきゅうさい)or “Salvation of the saint” by Keigo Higashino. Love to read books based in Japan as they allow me to indulge in guilt-free binge reading. “Guilt free” as anything to do with Japan or Japanese counts as  “work” for me:-). I have read almost all of Higashino Keigo’s books but this is the only one that I have read in Japanese. I have enjoyed reading his translated books but reading his words in the language that he wrote felt truly special. The language is not too tough – I would say anyone with  intermediate level of Japanese can easily follow the book . This is another “detective” mystery from Higashino. The plot is interesting enough, but I personally liked “Malice” better. Really want to read his “Malice” (あくい。悪意) and “Naoko” in Japanese.

Reading books and magazines in Japanese is a fun way to up your vocab and improve your reading skills. Here’s a site that allows you to legally download full length Japanese novels for free. You would probably find some of these books on Amazon Japan for 0 Yen.https://www.aozora.gr.jp/

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