Japanese thoughts

Losing stuff in Japan


1.I’d been in to Tokyo for only a few months when this happened. I forgot my sweater in a park outside a mall. Realized after an hour and went back to the park but couldn’t find it. A lady who’d been observing me, suggested I speak to the receptionist at the mall. So, I went to the reception, where I was asked to describe my sweater. I hardly knew any Japanese then. I probably just said “black”. Anyway, it was handed over to me in less than 2 mins.

2.Once, after reaching home I realized that one of my toddler’s shoes was missing. Guessed it must have fallen somewhere on the road. I was really tired and didn’t bother to go out to look for it. When I took the same route after a few days, I found the tiny shoe hanging on the branch of a shrub.

3.I lost my mittens in Disneyland, Tokyo on a weekend:-). I casually inquired at the lost and found counter and yes I got it back.

4.Forgot a whole shopping bag with a whole lot of goodies in a bus. Found a number on the net and called. They said they have something that fit my description. They gave me an address where I had to go to pick up the stuff. Not an item was missing.

A year or two in japan and I could no longer ignore or walk past a “lost” (wasuremono) or “accidentally dropped” (otoshimono) item. I was by then programmed to pick it up and hand it over to the nearest official. I wanted to return all the favor.

Somehow it’s perfectly okay to be scatterbrained in Tokyo.

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