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Tokyo Story- Superb story telling by Yasujiro Ozu

It’s an old movie- dialogues are spoken really slowly and the movie itself moves at a slow pace. Despite all this, I find myself revisiting scenes from this movie every now and then. The above scene pretty much encapsulates the whole movie. Ageing parents and indifferent children is an overdone theme all over the world. But simply love how Ozu doesn’t paint the children all black (they are never shown to be openly rude) or the parents all white (the father comes home drunk ). In my view the “Oneesan” in the above scene (sister in law here) conveys what Ozu wanted to convey to the audience – that priorities change, that parents who fill our universe during childhood automatically get reduced to a “mild annoyance” as we age, that nobody can be blamed for this law of nature. This movie is sure to move even the hardest of heart..