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Rashomon – who killed the samurai?

Akira Kuraosawa – the man who directed “Rashomon” is credited with popularizing Japanese films in the west. Film lovers all over the world are familiar with the “Rashomon” effect – different characters give different versions of the same event. In this movie a Samurai is dead and we have four characters giving mutually contradictory versions of what transpired. The audience are never told how the Samurai really dies. That is for the audience to interpret. The movie is less than 2 hours long and makes for compelling watching. Love how the movie begins with a woodcutter saying “wakaranai, sappari wakaranai”(I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all) – that is what I found myself saying too at the end of the movie – don’t think the audience are supposed to get how the samurai died. The movie works more like an observation of human nature.