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Book review: Nihongo Chuukyuu Dokkai Nyuumon (Intermediate level reading comprehension)

  • This is a good book for some fun “n4 level” reading practice.
  • The passages are all medium- big in size.
  • The topics covered are fun and give glimpses into life in Japan  (hanami, hanabi, arubaito etc.) and most are written from the point of view of a foreigner living in Japan. Those who have never visited Japan will definitely find these passages interesting.
  • The vocab and grammar covered in the passage have been listed at the end of the lesson. You have to look them up in another textbook though as there are no meanings or explanations provided here.
  • There is a small exercise too at the end of every passage where you answer questions based on the passage or try to make sentences with new words or grammar points.

Not sure if this book is easily available outside Japan though.

Nihongo Chukyu Dokkai Nyumon - Introduction To Japanese Reading Skills