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Kanojo to no tadashii asobikata – Review

This is the title of a short film – 彼女との正しい遊び方. Translated the title means “The correct way to play with her”. The title can also be interpreted to mean “the correct way to date my girlfriend” but I prefer the former translation. The movie is as interesting as the title itself. Two elementary school kids meet at a park. The girl suggests they play a game where she would pretend to be a princess and the boy would pretend to be her slave – they would play this “pretend” game each time they are by themselves and would continue playing forever – the game would end only when someone finds out about this arrangement between them. And so they play and play as they meet after school even after they’ve become high school students. When and how their game ends forms the rest of the film.

Why would the girl make such a preposterous suggestion and why would the boy agree to play along ? The answer probably lies in the way their characters are developed.  The boy is shown to be dull and nondescript whereas the girl is smart and popular in school. The girl has a “perfect” image at school which she finds tiresome to maintain. She is able to be her true self… mean and selfish and rude from time to time only when she is with the boy.

Both the lead actors have handled their parts well. Though the girl’s character is designed to be annoying, your heart goes out to her during the scene she breaks down in class – not caring that she was breaking her “perfect” facade in front of her classmates. Though the girl’s character arc seems neat and complete, I personally thought the boy’s character was a little under developed.This is my only complaint in an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Here’s the trailer..