JLPT, Vocab and Grammar

Book review – Pattern Betsu Tettei Drill for N3

The JLPT as we know doesn’t release “han i”(portions, syllabus) for any level. For precisely this reason, it helps to refer to two to three books while preparing for the exam. The “Soumatome” series by themselves are pretty comprehensive and should be enough to help you pass the exam. But, nothing like a solid “question bank” to give you the confidence to face an exam, right? Pattern betsu tettei drill for N3 is one of the best question banks available in the market for N3.  “Tettei”(徹底) means “thorough” and true to it’s name the book carries practice questions covering all types of exam questions across all four sections – script and vocab (moji, goi), listening (choukai), grammar(bunpou), reading comprehension (dokkai).

In the “moji-goi” section, after each exercise you will find that the Kanjis and vocab covered in the exercise have been neatly listed out with onyomi, kunyomi and example sentences. So, if you don’t know the answer to a question, you don’t have to refer to a dictionary or look it up in another book.

Similarly in the grammar section too, all the grammar points covered in the drill have been listed out with explanation in Japanese and example sentences.

Some of the questions in the listening and reading comp sections are really tough – much like Soumatome. This is again because there is no fixed “portions” or “syllabus” that JLPT has released. So the practice books try to play it safe by covering as much as possible. No need to worry. If you are thorough with Soumatome vocab, you should be able to attack most questions. Additional vocab has been provided at the end of each drill if you want to cram in more. As far as listening section is concerned, it helps to listen once with script, once or twice without script and repeat after a few days:-)

The book also goes on to give “kotsu” or “tips” for each section – not sure how useful these are though. In my view there is only one useful tip that will help you clear JLPT – work hard!