Shin Kanzen Master for N3 grammar – review


完全マスター(Kanzen master) roughly meaning “complete master” is the book I used for  my N2 and N1 exams many years back. If you are thorough with the grammar points listed in this book, you can rest assured that you will do well in the actual exam. But, in my view this book is only suited for those who are taking the help of a teacher too. It’s not very useful for those doing self-study.

  • Comprehensive and lists out many grammar points – some not covered in Soumatome.
  • Lots of practice exercises covering all types of test questions – passages with blanks, jumbled sentences and the usual choose the best answer type questions.
  • While the books I used for N2 and N1 many years back had not a single word in English, the book that I recently purchased for N3 has a bit of English explanation thrown in. However, the explanation (in Japanese and in English) is not sufficient for someone not already familiar with the grammar point.
  • Like Soumatome every grammar point is followed by 4-5 example sentences.
  • Go for it if you think you need more grammar practice.