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Toire No Kamisama – review

“There is a pretty Goddess residing in every toilet. If you scrub your toilet clean, the Goddess will make you grow into a pretty woman and will help you realize all your dreams” – or so little Kana is told by her grandmother. Countless movies have been made about mom-daughter, dad-daughter relationships but not too many on the special bond that a girl shares with her grandparents. “Toire no Kamisama” (God of toilet) is about a little girl, who lives with her single mom and three older siblings. She feels a little neglected as no one seems to have any time for her. She hops next door to her grandparent’s house each time she is upset about something. She eventually moves in with her grandmother after her grandfather’s death. The film  is filled with many beautiful moments as Kana grows and learns the ways of the world – her grandma a solid presence in her life.

The dialogues are all spoken in “Kansai-ben” or “Kansai dialect”. The movie itself is based on singer Kana Uemura’s real life story. She has sung a song in Kansai dialect about her grand mom which is used in the movie.